Living in Cornwall

Undoubtedly, Cornwall is a heavenly tourist destination, but nothing beats talking to the inhabitants of Cornwall to understand why it is such a fantastic place to live.

The Beaches25524881270_ae803181bf_b

Cornwall has the most stunning beaches. Sea and sand lovers, or water-sports addicts won´t find a better place to live!

The Countryside

Amazing landscapes, beautiful large green areas, from the Scottish highlands to the National Parks.


People living in Cornwall consider nature and wildlife as part of their lives, and they really care about preserving the environment. Villages regularly gather to do beach cleans, and different organisations strive to protect the woodland and waters, raising awareness among the inhabitants and tourists.

Independent Small Businesses

Although big international chains and business are based in Cornwall, most businesses and shops are small independent companies that support each other. It always seems that start-ups have huge chances of succeeding, maybe not making owners millionaires, but granting them a good life quality.

Community Life

At the local communities in Cornwall everybody seems to know each other, and if not, they are still always open and welcoming. People really enjoy being part of their communities, all of which instil a sense of loving neighbourliness.

Culture and Arts

The cultural inheritance remains alive, while plenty of museums, cultural centres, and galleries for enjoying world class art, from painting exhibitions, to musical performances and theatre plays.

Relaxing Lifestyle

People in Cornwall are hard workers, but they also know how to relax, and Cornwall offers them everything they need for just that. Leaving work and enjoying a walk along the beach or an after office gathering with friends to savour a locally crafted beer, sitting on a Mediterranean-style cafe terrace admiring the view, or on top of a cliff feeling the calming breeze are some of the many daily pleasures of life in Cornwall.

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