Gastronomy in Cornwall

Cornwall´s food is traditionally unique within British cuisine and it is based on local ingredients. Dairy products and fresh seafood are the main ingredients present in the tasty traditional Cornish foods.

The following are four iconic samples of Cornish gastronomy you can´t afford to miss:

Cornishep4-maryscornishpasty Pasties or Oggies

Cornish pasties consist of a crust pastry filled with raw diced beef, onions, potatoes and rutabagas which are oven-baked. The popularity of the oggy has experienced a meteoric rise, and there is no place where you won´t find it. Although they are popular throughout much of England, only pasties made in Cornwall can be legally called “Cornish Pasties” as they have earned the Protected Geographical Indication status.

Cornish pasties became popular in the 17th century, as tin miners wives used to bake them for their husbands as practical, delicious, and nutritive meals they could eat at work.

Nowadays, besides the traditional beef-based filling, there is an array of variations, including chicken, bacon, and apple.

Cornish Cream Tea

Cream tea is practically synonymous with Cornwall. Being Cornwall renowned for its dairy farms, it is no surprise that it produces the creamiest and smoothest clotted cream. The concept of the cream tea is quite simple: slice a fresh scone in half, spread strawberry jam and a good dollop of clotted cream, and accompany it with a traditional English tea.

Cornish Ice Cream

Again, Cornish dairy products making another traditional culinary delight. Cornish ice cream is made from the same fresh clotted cream used in cream tea and flavoured with various ingredients to satisfy anyone´s taste.

Stargazy Pie

You will encounter an array of fish dishes, such as the famous Stargazy pie. It is a fish filled pie in which the fish head stick through the covering crust, as if star-gazing. Usually made of sardines or other small fish, it can also be filled with langoustines. Onions, mustard, eggs, and bacon contribute to its unique taste.

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