Culture of Cornwall

Its Celtic inheritance remarkably influences Cornwall’s culture, and although it is part of UK´s culture, it has its own distinctive traditions, practices, and peculiarities.

In recent yelady_of_cornwallars, Cornish culture has experienced a revival, with many groups working on promoting and spreading it.

Cornwall´s native language is Cornish, which is a Celtic language directly related to Welsh and Breton, all derived from the formerly spoken British language. Although only a small percentage of the population speaks it, it is still used in short phrases, greetings, and events.

Regarding Cornish literature, Cornwall started producing passion plays during the Middle Ages, providing us valuable knowledge of the language and culture.

Cornish folklore, however, has survived and is extremely popular. Tales of mermaids, giants, or little people (pobel vean) remain alive in children´s books and events where a storyteller share such stories and myths.

When it comes to religion, Christianity in Cornwall can be traced back to the 4th century AD, when it was introduced by the Romans. Later, Christianity became the official religion, replacing former Celtic and Roman practices. In beginnings of the 21st century, a group founded by Andrew Phillips, and open to Christians promoted Celtic Christianity, and that is how a renewed interest in older forms of Christianity emerged.

Celtic influence in music is a huge phenomenon. Several inter-Celtic festivals are held in Cornwall, and there are over 100 bands that play mostly Cornish folk music. Festivals in Cornwall are extremely popular and there is a vast tradition of processional music and dance. Some of them are: Sait Piran´s Day, Padstow Oss Festival, Golowan Festival, and Lowender Perran, to mention just a few.

Culinary traditions are also a significant component of Cornish culture. Cornwall is renown for its pasties, saffron buns, Hewa Cake, Cornish biscuits (fairings), clotted cream they use to accompany scones and tea, and creamy ice creams. Cornwall dairy products are considered to be of the highest quality.

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