Accommodation Options In Cornwall

If there is something remhotel-940730_960_720arkable about Cornwall, it is its versatility. Any visitor will encounter attractions and activities to fit their taste. The same applies when it comes to accommodation.

From intimate to luxurious hotels, from bed and breakfast to camping sites, there are plenty of options to choose from according to the visitor’s budgets and preferences.

Small to Luxurious Hotels

The most traditional lodging venues are hotels. The vast area of Cornwall offers nice hotels spread across the county. Find large, luxurious all-inclusive hotels with plenty of amenities, as well as small hotels where you can enjoy delicious Cornish meals.

Family Fun at Cornwall´s Holiday Parks

Families seeking shared fun and entertainment will love staying at a holiday park. Lodges and static caravans situated in beautiful natural locations a few steps from the coast or in the vivid countryside, allow combining the pleasure of stunning outdoor spaces with the comfort of affordable yet comfortable lodging.

Bed and Breakfast

Guest houses offering bed and breakfast services throughout Cornwall are the best option for visitors that want to discover the charm and real-life of Cornish inhabitants.

Camping in Cornwall

The ultimate experience to savour the extraordinary nature is going camping. The best option when willing to get back to nature, sleeping under the moonlight, feeling the breeze, discovering new sounds, and delighting all senses is to stay at any of the strategically placed campsites. Near the coast or deeper on the countryside, there are excellent camping facilities that grant comfort in the relaxing nature.

Cornwall Cottages

Staying at a romantic cottage or a cosy fisherman´s cottage can be a memorable experience. From a simple cottage at a coastal location, to a luxurious cottage in an exceptional setting or a fancy cottage in a neighbouring town, cottages provide a highly intimate experience to hide away with your family or to spend the most romantic moments with your beloved one.

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